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Hi there,

my blogging is on and off, mainly because I don’t prioritise this above my work, friends, family, etc. This doesn’t mean I’m not interested, but most of the time I “do stuff” and afterwards I think I’ve should have documented the steps as they might be beneficial for my future self or others.

That being said, I just moved my blog from self-hosted to the public cloud (Microsoft Azure). When I started with the blog, I installed WordPress on my Synology DS1513+. This decision was driven by multiple reasons:

  • there is a 1Gbps FtH connection available
  • the Synology is running 24/7 anyway
  • no extra cost (I’m Dutch)
  • “fiddling” with the Synology and its packages (i.e. WordPress)

Until not too long ago I discovered the WordPress on App Service. As I have a Microsoft Action Pack (including monthly €85,– cloud credits) I decided to check how this setup is working and what extra work is involved.

The setup is pretty straight forward, I followed the Quickstart guide on how to create a WordPress Site on Azure App Service and got the “default”website running. Within WordPress I installed my plugins, exported and imported theme settings and my posts and after 30 minutes my website was hosted on Azure.

Of course I needed to update my URL to point to the correct CNAME and at the same time I added a managed certificate (as described here).This last part (securing my blog) was long overdue and this was a good moment to do this.

One annoyance left, the blog was still accessible via http, so I needed to ensure this site was accessible via HTTPS only. For this I fired up the Azure CLI, and updated my webapp

az web app update --https-only true --name MyBlog --resource-group MyRG

I didn’t encounter any issues during this move, and will decommission WordPress on my Synology (and free up some resources over there).

As of now my blog can be reached via or via This last domain is used as my business domain (mainly email), so it’s good that the blog is also reachable via this one.

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